A Ballerina named Sascha Pivovarova

Here are some “famous” pictures of/in the blogging world.
I Have to show you that  picture of Sascha Pivovarova, which I fell in love with immediately, especially how he combines the drawing and colours.

It is an early drawing by Igor+André who is now mainly painting fashion icons and front rowers. He is a Californian artist (really american in his self description 😉 ) with some great works/ style.

What I really like about his style is the way he uses colour sparingly to highlight the important: eyes in the portrait of the Les Mads (fantastic bloggers), the five front rowers and Lily Coles hair. Also the way he uses colour in a drawing kind of way/ like a pencil – iLike.

Lastly, that picture of Lily Cole in Doctor Parnassus’ Imaginarium reminds me also of a Klimt picture (eventhough it doesn’t exactly look like Lily Cole), with the long fingers, “missing” of background & female focus..


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