Dreaming of Milan, Berlin and actually Copenhagen

Fashion weeks and shows so close and yet so far.. Last weekend it was Milan, this weekend it is Berlin (why on earth did I chose to go to Berlin a weekend after the fashion week? Oh well, because of a birthday party for a birthday actually this weekend…. well nothing to complain about, but STILL -another fashion week without ME).
And in february it will be even more torture to be here in Copenhagen with the fashion week and without all the public events like in Berlin (for the ones in Berlin please go see some events and think of me & send me some pictures 😉 ).
Anyways, I will follow the events closely and provide you with the newest gossip, beautiful pictures and comments (and practice for the real deal this summer)!

And here is what I would wear – inspired by lovely Andy. Finally I know how to wear this H&M dress  have been looking at for so long..


PS: Oh yes, and read my new book – My whole life on heels by Didder Rønlund (“Hele Mit Liv På Høje Hæle”). Actually she will have a booksigning event aCopenhagen Fashion Week -probably my highlight of the week ;-).

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