Hair – Test Result and Pocket Philosophy

Here are some test results. I can recommend this hair style to any one with curls. You need less than 10 hairpins and the hair is out of your face without being hidden (Sia!).

Actually, I think this “loose” way to style your hair is part of a whole new trend up and coming; and here are my two arguments:
1) I’ve seen a lot of those loose (french) braided hair stylings
2) It fits with my theory that trends move opposite to the “world situation”. Meaning that in the last couple of years we have seen a lot of really skinny models whilst overweight is becoming a real problem and we have seen a lot of black, business chic and in general less was more.
Nowadays we are seeing oversize models, flowers are up an coming and this loose way to do your hair (which wouldn’t work for people busy with business unless we are talking about a 100’n more hairpins). But in general we are idealizing what we don’t have – enough food, time to be outside in the nature (which also is disappearing) and money to buy expensive jewelry (classic example are all the rings & the YSL ring mania).

So much for pocket philosofy 🙂



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2 responses to “Hair – Test Result and Pocket Philosophy

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