Current Trends I like 0.2

– Statement Jackets ( I don’t know what else to call these jackets but I mean everythin from military look, over chanel suite, to jackets with big shoulders -but I love them, finally we have the proud woman back! ;-))
– Velvet ( not quite there yet, but definitely up and coming a lot of places -more pictures on that later)
Tattoo’s (still – I will definitely try to paint one on myself soon)
Flowers (will come with the spring and summer time – mmhh)

Places to go:
– your own apartment (well in Copenhagen – because it is too cold to go outside in high heels, no good place is open on a weekday -but finally we have a new trend:)
– Cheap, new places to hangout at on a weekday ( I don’t have the best experience with Rust, put differently it is not my first choice. BUT GARAGEN definitely will be tried as soon as my cold is gone)
-Bodegas (because you can actually talk to the persons you go out with and there is an increasingly good collection of beer out there, in particular Cafe Viking on Ægirsgade is fantastic!)

Interior Design:
– Letters ( I’m obsessed with letters I think they should be everywhere, though it’s hard to describe what actually is beautiful about them..)
– Gramophones (That sound when the LP starts spinning and the music is not quite there yet, as well as the “clack” when you have to turn it – unmatched by any cd player!)

Great grub aka things to eat (& drink):
-Good coffee (there are plenty of good coffee places(I love Kaffebar) in Copenhagen -which I first realized when I had a really bad coffee in Berlin and couldn’t remember the last time in Copenhagen. It is probably a side effect of the new cluster of coffee roasters in Copenhagen (Kontra Coffee & Coffee Collective to name the most important). In fact within the last couple of years the scandinavian roast has become famous throughout the world for being much more light than the italian roast!)



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