Hello Lover

This post is dedicated to my fabulous mother-in-law who bought this eyeliner before I knew I wanted it…who knows about all the hot items before anyone else and on top of that always finds them at less than half the price somewhere on the internet…

Yes, and this time it is this eyeliner from Kanebo which according to several make up artists is the best eyeliner – best colour, best application, best everything (and this is no advertisement 😉 )
I am really not an expert, but my experience taught me to rest the arm on a solid ground, start with a really thin line and add more colour if needed..



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2 responses to “Hello Lover

  1. Anne

    Doesn’t every girl want a mother-in-law like yours? Well, now I have to get my hands on that eyeliner…

  2. lampoule

    Yes! I can definitely recommend the eyeliner as well as my mother-in-law 😉
    You can get the eyeliner for approximately 35 € and lille Jakob is still free..

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