January Food

Its cold outside = we need something hot,
we gained a lot of christmas-weight = we need something light,
its the end of the winter season and we’ve had enough of cabbage and roots = we need something foreign,
we are already hungry when we start cooking = we need something fast:

1Person recipe

Half a piece of garlic,
1tbsp oystersauce
1/4 tbsp sugar
1 & 1/2 tbsp soya
1/2 tsp
1/2 sambal oelek or chili sauce (not the sweet one)

500 ml Bouillon
25 g ginger

Cook everything and poor into a bowl with 100 g ricenoodles and some chopped champignons, sugar snaps, bean sprouts & a spring onion or whatever you’ve got in your fridge as long as you slice it thinly and can eat it almost raw.

Voilá, tastes great, is vegetarian (i.e. climate friendly 😉 ) and takes less than 20min to cook!

PS: If you need some meat you can marinate it in the above listed ingredients except for the bouillon and ginger, fry it in a pan; cook the bouillon, ginger and some more soya and then mix everything with the noodles and vegetables in a large soup bowl.


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