Berlin calling

3 days and I will be in Berlin, once again!
I am really soo much looking forward to come back that lovely, ugly-chic city and some very dear friends!

Here some random facts about Berlin:

– it is extremely cheap to go there, from Copenhagen it is approximately 300 dkk back and forth with easyjet
– dirty but enough space for everyone – the idealists, punks, models, businessmen (fortunately a minority though)– soo much organic food and markets and flea markets
– everyone is involved in some kind of “project” this might be art, literature, happenings, fashion , music (check out Paul Kalkbrenner below), anything
– you have to know where to go (see Spätkauf below) otherwise you will be lost or trapped with other foreigner and Danes 😉
– you can brunch all day on weekends – very important fact – !
– You can also go out on any regular weekday (read this Copenhagen!)
Zitty and Tip are good guides, are published every 14th day

& can be bought at every kiosk
– Prenzlauerberg is Vesterbro without junkies, Kreuzberg is Nørrebro but with junkies, Mitte is K and Charlottenburg & Schönerberg is Østerbro & Frederiksberg, Friedrichshein is new 😉
– A city with all the normal people still living in it (so not only students & rich people)
– fantastic in the wintertime as well as in the summer time- My mom loved this city, her mom did and I do as well

And there is so much more left to say..

Paul Brenner: 

Home town of LesMads, my favorite German blog:

As I said, you have to know where to go, would any body expect this fantastic happening in when walking by this kind of place?

Which looks normally like this:

But for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin happening it looked like this:


Source: StilinBerlin, RootsMagazine, Youtube, LesMads etc 😉

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