Initiatives for Haiti Everywhere

I think its fantastic that so many people, organizations and firms donate and collect money for Haiti! What are those few pennies in our pockets compared to down there anyways?! And I think that collaborations like the one on A Fashion Tale (one of my favorite blogs I read daily, more than once 😉 ) is a fantastic outcome. Kind of a win win situation – today the auction is about these fabulous earings made by Zarah Voigt (so hot right now)

and you can bid here..

Some cynics might say that this is the least large corporations can do and its just to get free promotion at almost no cost.. But hey, people down there need help and when people like us need auctions (something to take home afterwards they can feel proud of having bid on) to be charitable and donate, we people are no better than corporations. So donate, bid and hope for a good political cooperation down there!

Now I’ll get my morning coffee and once more be thankful for life where I live!


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