The Right Colour

Recently I’ve had enough of all the old colours, essie grey, chanel green, brown, red-red..
The result was a thorough investigation of potential new colours and the result is:
A dusty, orangy red! It is the perfect colour right now, because it is not quite Spring yet so we need a strong colour -such as red, but all the shiny intense colours are too extreme (kind of pre-christmas and Summertime) so it has to be some kind of mixture, that is orangy-red. Finally we need something more rock than all these lollipop colours, therefore the rusty/ dusty less saturated colour – tadaa

The one to the left is very close to perfect!

A bit too orange maybe:

However doubtful that we will find this colour in a normal store, so I will do some experiments and tell you how to get there!



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