Friday Night

It’s almost friday which means Berlin for me and Copenhagen for others. Here is what my friday would look like in Copenhagen if I wasn’t in Berlin:

– Off from work at approximately 5, then go to Illum’s 2nd floor for free Champagne, goodiebags, good DJs and a sneak peak at the spring collection (from 3pm to 7pm and open to all).

– Have dinner at Dim Sum THE most hot restaurant in town at the moment
Dim Sum
Sankt Annæ Plads 16
1250 København K

– Have Cocktails at Oak Room who serves half-price cocktails before 9 pm

Oak Room
Birkegade 10
2200 København N

And because it was a long day by then and we only have a quite limited supply of dancing places at Nørrebro, I would go home early, dream of long summer nights with plenty of street parties and red wine in backyards…


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