… can be “risky”, when you are on your own and have the urge to try something “different” (which really can’t be defined anymore, since everybody is trying to be different) and/or new. This experience happens every now and then and when it does – in my case – it can either turn in to something “not bad” or simply a disaster. This time I am pretty sure that the world will not understand how I could make this decision – alone the title of the item could make someones face turn in to a typical “Charlie Brown- disaffected/uncomfortable -wavy-mouth” grimace. Blue Cowboy Boots.

Now.. here is a chance to prove true knowledge of “right combination” and this will probably take a while  – cause there are a lot of traps: avoid to much cowboy clothes (jeans, checked shirts, animal print – especially cow skin/fur) or colorful items like red or yellow.. However I can see these boots in a beautiful collaboration with a white playful summerdress or some dark grey jeans and a loose, off -white t-shirt… (pictures taking them in use will follow)

But lets have some opinions. What do you think about them?


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