Happy Berlin Kreuzberg

After a long day filled with hangover, brunch, nacked Helmut Newton women and coffee we ended up in this cafe in Kreuzberg. I always end up in this cafe on Kreuzberg. It is called Bateau Ivre – the drunken boat – and filled with all kinds of people. Juste before we were to leave for dinner, this gentleman entered the cafe and I had to take his picture.

I really like his happy mixture of fantastic details: the way he combines the jacket with elbow patches, the fox thingy around his neck, the red nail polish on only his right hand, the earring and then the green sweatshirt jacket.


Even more fantastic when he took off his jackets and voilá: a pearl necklace!


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One response to “Happy Berlin Kreuzberg

  1. 62.62

    yes i like it too he is very natural and soo charming…

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