Get the point.

Continuing my “diary” today with some pictures of different items. Don’t ask why these exactly were chosen (well… except for my Chanel bag… just had to post it some time) or why there is an arrow painted on the nail… Some times you get an idea and -no matter how strange/childish/confusing it is- you have to do it. This is one of these times.

Though there is a certain reason for also posting a picture of a blender – my blender. Just bought it and can recommend this product to anyone, looking for a long lasting -due to good quality- blender. This particular bad boy has unbelievably 200 watt power and can turn milk into cream in 10 seconds! (really!) The blender is supposed to last for 30-50 years…hmm.. Is there such a feeling as “Skeptical optimism”, cause this is what I experienced after getting that information.

Now, you might think that it must cost a lot, since it has all these incredible features (including a great design) and you are right. This can only be responded by the one and most suitable answer: It is worth it.

Anyways… Take a look down


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