Kind of Blue

Today is a classic weekend day. It is cold outside, you’re a bit tired, everything happens in slow motion.

When I was in Berlin (yes, still referring to that) we were walking around Kreuzberg, a bit hungover (somehow these two things are related) and  about to cross a street, I had to take this picture.
It really captures the mood of these late winter weekend days: everything is Kind of Blue. The light because of the snow, your mood because you are tired of the winter. Yet everything seems more peaceful.

Anyways, this Winter Blues calls for Miles Davi’s Kind of Blue. The best selling Jazz record ever (some claim, read: wikipedia) and my preferred weekend sound.
Actually it was the first LP I bought and have listened to it many times ever since.

Buy it! Listen to it!

It is the combined heart-blood of 7 great great musicians:  Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, Jimmy Cobb, Paul Chambers, John Coltrane, and Julian Adderley.
Recorded in 2 days, the first Cool-Jazz record and “a record generally considered as the definitive jazz album, a universally acknowledged standard of excellence. “(Stephen T. Erlewine)


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