Dear another…

…Day for the FuckFinger attention. In the simple and mindless action of drinking a cup of coffee. Although this might seem as a standard procedure and also – to be honest – quite doll, this is to be seen as something that needs to be appreciated and enjoyed while it lasts. So next time while drinking your coffee (or tea for that matter) try to be in the moment, seize the process and take in with all senses… (good god I can write a lot of b*s*)

This picture also shows my favorite “china” (not sure if it belongs in that “seemingly” fancy category) which in this case is in the shape of a large cup in beige. I particularly like the raw edges (here is the webpage with more of it...) Other than that the nails are covered in dark brown polish (“Forbidden” by Chanel) and the little “middle Star” is highlighted with a green silver ring from “Pilgrim”.


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