What a day

Sorry about the lack of posts today. But my day started hungover after the TimesUp Launch Party. After that my day was pretty, well, you know those days that just fly by. You don’t know where your head is and still you enjoy every second?!

Anyways, my day was filled with coffecollective coffe, dress sewing (which actually made it to the fashion show, apparently those sewing courses are worth their money), THE FASHION SHOW (A M A Z I N G, I LOVE Elise Gug (and fashion shows)), Cremant, fur, minus degrees, corporate finance and vegetarian- CO2 friendly- delicious dinner with some dear friends. Fantastic day, tomorrow I will upload some pictures of the show!

But right now I am about to fall a sleep, so, good night!

This picture is actually from monday, when I had to pimp up my reading at the library. Recommendable.



Filed under Copenhagen/ København, Fashion, Life saving knowledge

2 responses to “What a day

  1. Jenny

    Jaja, der bliver nok læst meget…. på Facebook! 🙂
    Tak for en virkelig hyggelig aften og held og lykke i morgen, jeg tænker positive tanker og sender al min gode aura din vej 🙂

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