More substance, medames et messieurs

Tonight there is a small come together at Empire Bio to celebrate that Ordskælv! is now published.

Ordskælv! is a project collecting texts and illustrations of 13 to 19 year-olds (what do you call them? Youngsters? Young people? Kids?) telling about what their Nørrebro looks like.

The contributors (I know its not the most elegant way to avoid calling them something) are solely responsible for the content and layout of the book. Nevertheless, they got some help from professionals such as Kim Fupz Aakeson and Louis Jensen, as well as other journalists and fotografers.

I am not sure whether I can make it – too damn cold outside. But in case you have a big, big coat and as well are in need of something with a bit more substance than fashion, you should go!

(the picture below was taken on recent trip to Malmö and had to post it. So I thought: the party is at Empire bio – which is a cinema – this picture shows a cinema – a perfect excuse to show the picture)


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