Double Thumbs Up!

I think SoupaNatural did a pretty good job decorating the new place. And I am almost even more fascinated by the kind of people they attrackt.

When I came there today I just wanted to step by, judge, taste and leave. But as soon I got in I immediately felt at home, literally: grandparents, dads’n moms, babies, teenies, hippies, hipsters… A place for everyone. Cosy corners and open spaces..

Strangely enough I was surprised; they had actually done a pretty good job. Often these kind of good ideas are better on paper than in reality; this definitely is not!

So all in all: Double thumbs up!

-and much “lets-go-to-SoupaNatural-just-to-hang-out-and-have-a-coffe/tea/smoothie-potential”!


PS: (I’m aware of the double-theme going on)

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