Kunsthal Nord

Throughout this blog I would like to show the world some of the exciting place’s in Aalborg. Though skepticism was the most dominating thought about my moving here (a sacrifice for the study of ArT) I must admit that this city has a lot more to offer that one might think. Worth mentioning is “Kunsthal Nord” located in the great building called “Nordkraft“. In this period (15.01.10-14.03.10) the danish artist, Mogens Otto Nielsen, is having an exhibition named “Retrospektiv” showing his work since the 1970’s – and this is a lot! Colorful paintings, posters, collected things, pocket museums, installations, video’s & mailART (a movement of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s initiated by Ray Johnson; it’s about sending mail -or art- across the world, creating some sort of artistic connection/exchange in an old fashioned way.)

I went there the 10th of february and met the artist himself (this day there was a book signing) and took a little look at his works..


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