Wedges… Hmm…

For the last couple of months it has been the most dominant item in terms of “a-trend-that-is-going-to-last” – like when skinny jeans came into the spot light. Ever since then I have been thinking whether this is a shoe I could see myself with.

The doubt is mostly because I fear the almost dangerously change of humidity due to the new height one reaches; I could also imagine a sort of “bambi-on-ice” effect when putting on these shoes (note: this sentence is not to be taken serious). Besides those clunky heels make them seem very unelegant which may be compensated by and could look good if you can master to walk graceful in them – and I must admit that I do not belong in that category.

Then the other day when I was “blog surfing” the attention was directed to a pair of wedges posted by Presenting and after this it could be possible to find myself in those specific pair of shoes in the future… hmm..

What do you think? Like or dislike?

Wedges by Topshop – about 92 €


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