Hair VS. Earrings

I think I will go with my hair parted in the middle again (Mittelscheitel in english?) as you can see on the picture. It also shows my beloved new earrings from TimesUp (this is no hidden advertisement – I actually don’t like the owner of this shop, but he is doing a great job..). They were pretty cheap compared with a lot of things in the Krystalgade shop (70 kr) and I love love love them.

Oh yes and lastly the VS Magazine. Pretty cool, comes twice a year and more than 200 pages of fashion, lifestyle, interesting articles.. check out their website.



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3 responses to “Hair VS. Earrings

  1. Jenny

    Jeg har forresten en blog til dig
    Ved godt den er færøsk, men pwetty pictures 🙂
    Hun er også med på de der sko 🙂

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