Red Thai Curry

I promised to write this recipe down so here it comes. It is a perfect dish to serve when you don’t have much time to prepare food.

500 g Chicken cut in strips
1-2 Tblsp Red curry paste
3-4 Garlic finely choppe
1 Tblsp Galangal finely chopped
1 Lemongrass finely chopped
3 Kaffir Lime leafs
2 Cans of Coconut milk
1-2 Onions in boats
2-3 Carrots cut in thin slices
3 Tomatoes cut in boats or some cherry tomatoes
1 Tblsp Tomato concentré
2 Spsk Fishsauce, if needed more
1 Tblsp Sugar
4-5 Tblsp Oil for frying
Unsalted peanuts, chopped in small pieces or thai basil for garnish
halve a lime

Jasmin Rice and water, 1,5 times the rice amount.

Cook the Rice approximately 12 min or until the water is gone. Leave the Rice in the pot until the curry is done, though at least 12 min.

Heat the oil in a wok. Grate the  Red Curry Paste, garlic, galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leafs. Add a little, little bit of coconut milk or water so the spices don’t burn.

Add the chicken and fry until it is done and take out of the wok again. Fry the vegetables for ca. 3 minutes, add the coconut milk, tomatoe concentré and meat and cook approximately 15 min.
Add as much sugar, fish sauce and lime juice as needed. Garnish with peanuts/ thai basil and serve while hot!

You can exchange the vegetables with almost any other vegetables you have at home..


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