Marie Kølbæk Iversen Opening

If your are up for some art tonight you should step by WAS. Tonight they are opening a solo exhibition of Marie Kølbæk Iversen’s NIGHT IS NAT PERSONIFIED.
This installation is part of a series about the tension between day and night, thoughts and body, light and darkness.

The exhibition shows 2 installations of illuminated mirrors showing your reflections not 1:1, but as shown below. This is to give the viewer, who also automatically is part of the installation, the possibility to discover their bodies in a new context. Somehow.

Usually I am a bit skeptical about too fancy installations, but this one makes somehow sense at least in theory. I will step by after work, though these WAS opening are the most fun later at night. There always is some kind of party going on inside the tiny gallery and on the street in front of the gallery – at least in the summer time..

When: Tonight 19.02.10 from 17-21.00
Where: Absalonsgade 21b, 1658 København V


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