Paul Smith.

This post is dedicated to an amazing designer. If someone ever asks me what I consider the perfect brand for male accessories or something that can complete the style of a man – my answer would simply be: Paul Smith. His creations are perfectly balanced between male, sporty and humor. Very british. Check out his website in order to find more than what I picked out and (if interested) learn about the history of this great man…

One of his classics: The pin up girl wallet.

Simple scarf with funny detail

Bee cuff links

Cuff links with pin up girl (also, check out some of the belts, they have “hidden” pin up’s…)

This is “only” shoe polish, it is supposed to represent the amazing shoes – I simply couldn’t pick the best pair!

Shirt with beautifully detailed pattern..

And take a good look at all the cool t-shirts – this is just a cut out from one of them…

Luckily Paul Smith also has a clothing line for women, with lots of pretty things, like these socks.

..Or cool skirts!

And (of course) beautiful shoes…

Besides the clothes etc. there is a line of creative gifts. Here you can find this vase…

… This tea pot hat and lots of other stuff.


All pictures have been taken from the Paul Smith Webpage.

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