Lost in Details

I told you about the Marie Kølbæk Iversen exhibition but when I wanted to go there yesterday I realized that I had a flat tire, once again. So I walked home for almost an hour. But it really was nice, to walk and have time to notice all the details on the way. The spires on the windows, my dream bay window, a dog shit with a flag (I seriously didn’t put it there myself, some weird person must walk through Copenhagen and put flags into dog pooh..). Therefore no pictures on the opening.
The other details are from my everyday life and my attempts to get my mind off this cold, cold winter. I am really so much looking forward to the sun, the energy, and the possibility to wear just one layer of clothes and open shoes, dresses without at least 3 pairs of tights (my max was 5).. Oh yes, and the picture of the girl at my beloved KaffeBar really did a good job wearing comfy shoes (hunter boots), and still be elegant with high waist pencil shirt and white silk blouse. Very nice!

Well, my advice against winter depression: loose yourself in details.


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