Trends this Spring 2010

– Bustiers over your other clothes, I really like this trend as you can emphasize your small waist (but I would never use a bustier – only corsets – over something, but maybe under something you can see-through). Oh yes, and it has something original Madonna over it.

–  Belt bags, I am sure there are more elegant versions than this one but still I like the convenience of not wearing your bag – though not compatible with the elegant look.. Good for festivals and roller blades though.

– Hoodies and leather, good for those days you don’t really feel that elegant or feminine

– Statement jackets, this can be a typical chanel jacket or one with huge shoulders
– Tops/ jackets that are short in front and long at your back, I really (!) like this new trend

– Your boyfriend’s shirts ( especially useful when you are terribly tired of your own winter closet and there is still one week to go until the next month begins and so many more weeks until spring begins)

– Trench coats in all varieties, looking forward to wear my new Burberry Trench ( I know everyone is wearing one, but they are just so classy!)

– Nude and black combined, seen before but still holds 100%
– Trousers with large legs, nice for normal girls with normal-sized thighs, finally!

This one I like in particular.. But I would probably wear black trousers and nude coloured tops, my butt is big enough as it is.. 😉

– Still plateau shoes and I still have to learn to walk on them..

– See through cotton, we’ve seen it a lot, but I still think its nice
– Maxi skirts and dresses, finally I have the means to pretend I have long legs

– Stripes, black and white & blue and white, I am however not sure to what extend I like this trend.. Seen stripes so much lately, and when the stripe is horizontal it does no good to the average female body…

– green silk, draped, elegance – my absolute favorite this spring, as you might have guessed ( oh yes, and big hair!)

– Tattoos, don’t know how to combine it with the elegance, but still think the right tattoo in the right place can do the same to your outfit as a bag can (but only as long as the black colour holds, nothing permanent – don’t worry mom!) – I am however not sure how I like this shredded look we’ve seen a lot too..

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