Efterklang & Bicycles

Here are some pictures of bikers in Copenhagen that caught my attention. iLike their shoes, have been wearing too much heels lately. As well as their bikes and the fact that they just somehow look good. Sometimes you just turn your head and don’t know why.

But now turn on Efterklang and really recall that feeling on your bike. Its late at night, you are a bit tipsy and have been walking clumsy on your heels all night; finally you are allowed to bike home whilst listening to some great music, no one hears you and you just float through the night, weightless.

Thats what I miss the most when not being in Copenhagen!



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2 responses to “Efterklang & Bicycles

  1. It’s really amazing to see those chics riding bikes on their working attire. Sometimes those politicians are also riding their bike going to their office.

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