“Katwalk” fashionshow 27.02.10

So, about two years ago I got a haircut at this amazing place “Alter Meierhof” (a luxury hotel in nothern Germany) and the woman cutting my hair asked me to become a hairmodel/model for both the coiffeur and a boutique in Glücksburg called “Katwalk”. Very flattered and excited I said “yes!” and ever since I have been a “member” of the modelgroup, modeling a couple of times each year for the boutique. It is always a lot of fun and – to my benefit – not about this slim-model thing but more about showing how the clothes can be worn in different combinations and how it looks on “normal people” … (meant in a way, not to discriminate models) Anyhow, this weekend there was another fashionshow and as a “new thing” that the incredibly kind owner, Kathrin Horn,  always finds to make the event even more special, there was a cooperation with “Bertoni” which means there were male models. It was -as usual- very fun and came out very good for both the customers and Kathrin. Following a little selection of pictures…

Wearing Ray Ban sunglasses – loved them!

The owner – Kathrin Horn


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