Well, Hello and Goodnight

So sorry about the lack of updates, but today was just so full of Hellos.

Hello to my new colleagues, therefore spending all morning (usually reserved for posting) on finding the perfect outfit.. Didn’t find it, but I wore my new Springy-received as a gift – silk – scarf from my old colleagues to protect my against evil 😉 (this picture is actually part of a weird unsuccessful Supermanpose, but didn’t help – my bicycle chain fell off on my way to work)..

Hello to all my new responsibilities and hello to all the new goodies at my new work. Hello to my new iPhone, hello to the first of march and therefore hello to the first official spring day. Hello to this month’ salary and SU. Hello to

my new Pilates teacher (she is evil I tell you), and lastly hello to my good old friend and emergency recipe aka January Food, it is always the perfect backup dish when you are about to faint and just need something to eat, NOW ! (the food in the picture took less than 30 minutes to prepare)!

Pff, now I’m tired. And can’t take anymore hellos.

So, good night 😉


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