Men’s style

If you are ever bored, just visit and go nuts. This time – during some browsing – I lost myself in different collections of men’s wear… So here is a very small selection of some favorites.

Simple, classic and superb style – Junya Watanabe

Somewhat casual but still chíc (is that word ‘allowed’ in men’s style?) – Ermenegildo Zegna (S 2010)

A darker style, the jacket clearly makes the outfit – Yves Saint Laurent

Some men like the cowboy style which can turn out pretty great – like this suit by Adam Kimmel (S 2010)

‘Nother cowboy theme – this is more of a ‘day wear’ version – Adam Kimmel (S 2010)

Discovered the fall line 2010 – its all genius. Don’t get scared by the masks. Again: Adam Kimmel

Festive with a twist in the choice of materials and the bigger butterfly – evokes interest without exaggeration. Adam Kimmel (F 2010)

One more – don’t know how the ‘cape’ would work in real life – but its an interesting design. By Adam Kimmel (F 2010)

If you wanna check out more of A. Kimmel’s Fall 2010 collection – click here. (recommendable!)


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