Radical Measures

I ran out of inspiration, my closet is just booooring! Nothing to wear and what to do?

A couple of weeks ago I told I was going to buy that curtain thingy, as I loved it on Fiona and Niklas – and now its time has come! I am wearing an outfit I already wore last spring (so much for no inspiration), but I hope this “necklace” makes it all new and shiny (who am I to fool)..
Anyways, the good thing about this outfit is that it is composed around light colours (embracing Spring! We don’t need to talk about the 2pairs of tights beneath my light spring trousers..)!


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One response to “Radical Measures

  1. Jenny

    Nøj hvor sjovt, det er præcis samme farve og facon som gardintasslen på mit teenageværelse!!
    Total déjà vu, and loving it 🙂

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