Fashion goes Hollywood

I saw this trailer yesterday at LesMads and found it interesting for several reasons.
For the one reason, that all Designers and Fashion people go Hollywood (the most recent example is Tom Ford with “A Single Man”).. Nothing new of course, but still interesting. I wouldn’t have thought though that Agyness Deyn would do this kind of stuff. However it makes sense to constantly increase your market if your product is your image- brand.. (wow, I feel CBS brainwashed)
And the other reason was that Agyness Deyn  looks a lot like you should when playing a Movie-Lady from the 30 (I couldn’t help but think of Marie Nasemann from last years GNTM). I guess a real Topmodel has to be able to do exactly this – take on any style and make it your own without looking the same as always.. I never was Agyness’ biggest fan, but I definitely have some new found respect for her!


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