Oscar de la 2010

The annual academy award show is always an exciting event – both for participants and the outer viewer (us – i.e. the mortals) some people enjoy to hear the winning ‘motion pictures’, directors, actors, music, make up etc. Others simply swim in the ocean of one expensive, extravagant outfit after the other.

Movie-wise – this year was particularly good for both “The Hurt Locker” and “Avatar” (among others) – but enough about the movies for now.

This post is about the female presence. Wanting to pick out some favorite gowns and giving some highlighting comments I looked for pictures… (watching the thing on tv was really about the movies, not much concentration for fashion) and must admit that I was quite disappointed. Very few outfits (or rather: NON at all) took my breath away. Here are some examples.

“The Bad Ones”

Zoe Saldana (Avatar) Givenchy – It is just too much. Glitter on the top, three different color tones and the ruffles on the bottom, creating to much weight on the bottom. When it is too much it takes away the emphasis on the face and thereby the personality -in a way. Some people say that the clothes expresses ones personality which to some extend can be right. But not in this case. Beautiful actress, in need of advice.. maybe from Halle Berry or Jessica Alba? (same kind of look, better taste..)

Vera Farmiga (Up in the air) Marchesa – Too noisy. Choosing a dress in this very sort of bright “raspberry” color is one (good) thing for such a glamorous event, but combined with this sculptural flamingo shaped dress is just too loud. It does not take your breath away – it knocks you out. And not in a good way…

Amanda Seyfried Armani Privé – This is a type thing. The dress is kinda pretty (maybe a little to much of a wedding dress?) and the woman is beautiful – but she is very pale which makes her elegant and graceful but in combination with the dress it is one white canvas. Her type should look closer at Nicole Kidman.

Mariska Hargitay Vera Wang – sort of the same as with the Raspberry-flamingo case. To noisy. As if the designer thought of putting as many details and effects as possible, to make up for using only one color and material.

Demi Moore Versace – This picture shows a good view of her and I actually like the dress, but this is an example on how important it is to find the dress in the right size. When seeing her present the award you could clearly see just how tight it is on her, one size larger would have made it look not only better but probably more comfortable. (why would she wear a dress that takes her own breath away?!)

Sarah Jessica Parker Chanel –  The dress is fine (though the silver detail on front might be a little overweight) but what I would like to show is just how airbrushed this woman is. I’m aware of the fact that it is all about appearance at the Oscar’s but here it is a case of to tanned-shiny-and-made-almost-20-years-younger (I wonder how long that make up took?) it is covering her actual beauty and shows her fear of aging… It looks like a cardboard cutout of her. Where is the real Mrs. Parker?!

“The Better ones”

Kate Winslet Yves Saint Laurent – This is nice because of the color (greige – pretty modern) and the cut that really fits her figure. Particularly around the waist and hips where the ‘transition’ between upper and lower body part is made very elegant and beautifully highlighted. What makes it less extravagant is the fact that there is still something missing… Either more statement in the jewelry or a dominant lipstick? other suggestions?

Nicole Richie Reem Acra – This dress makes a characteristic statement of her style without it being “overdone”. There is a good balance between a lot of dress, chosen in an interesting cut, using material in a glamorous pattern, color, effect – and the hair, the make up and no ‘over- accessorizing’. (and it is not strapless, whats the deal with all the strapless dresses this year?!)

Rachel McAdams Elie Saab – Very simple (some might say classic) ‘academy award gown’ -cut but the fabric with the flower pattern in the light powder colors makes it different and interesting, there is almost a ‘tie dye’ effect which creates a modern look. I understand the choice of statement earrings, though I would not have chosen this pair…

Penélope Cruz Donna Karan – Beautiful color of dress (matching the carpet..) and an interesting flow from top to bottom, besides it goes very well with this type of woman. However it is to classic and a very secure choice, which -sorry for saying this- makes it boring.

Little light criticism. Comments?


PS: Feel like making your own judgment about the rest of the dresses? Click here.


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3 responses to “Oscar de la 2010

  1. God! I found the dress Mariska Hargitay just beautiful. Perfect. Color, cut, details and Mariska always use a hair and jewels that fit perfectly. What is a woman of class and elegant.

  2. 1boussole

    ok.. the hair and the jewelry I also like, but still there is much going on on the dress.. maybe less bows? or there are simply to many “levels” on it? but its great to get a different opinion 🙂

  3. Blog looks really good mate, keep it up! Inspires me to keep building a following of my own.

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