Ebay bags.

Ebay can either be a succes or a source to different kinds of disappointments. It takes a great deal of luck to experience the former. The latter however is a result of frustration, caused by either #1 finding the perfect item, but not getting it in the last second #2 finding the perfect item, but not affording to pay the price (even though its less than originally) #3 finding the perfect item, buying it, but find it to be a fake when it arrives in the mail #4 Not finding the perfect item. That is why this market acquires  a lot of patience. So sometimes its just best to look around at all the goods. Long story  – short: Found some bags…

Alexander Wang…

Chanel – Oh! Love the little ball hanging on the left.

Vintage african briefcase – boy, if this bag could talk…


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One response to “Ebay bags.

  1. OH my. Congrats on your amazing finds, ebay can be very tricky. The Chanel is, of course, great, but what about the african briefcase! I do wish it could talk and tell us some good little stories.


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