Never have I had a harder time choosing outfits to show. Its really ‘silly’, cause I could just as well make a link and one could look at it, as one wants. But lets just say, there has been made some painful cuts in the “picture-spamming”(somehow a nasty expression, but its suitable this time), since it would end with pages of pictures.

Anyhow – Etro. ah.. what can I say that describes the admiration I have for this brand? Being – to be honest – more the fan of simplicity when it comes to clothes, this truly is one exception (no rules without exceptions, right?). Just take a look at the pictures and you will see the talent that lies in the creater behind these outfits. They express charisma, which really is what style is about. (not that simplicity is equal to no charisma, that is a different matter.) The variety of color, the materials, the patterns – everything is on a higher level!

One explanation for this elegance in taste could be the fact that it is an Italien fashion company, founded in 1968 by Gimmo Etro – now creative directed by the siblings Kean and Veronica Etro, the latter is responsible for the womens department.

Even though it is all about the ‘statement necklace’s’ and ‘statement rings’ etc. etc. right now; this could be some examples of ‘statement clothes/dresses’. So – which one would be your statement?

Heh, notice the exact same facial expressions on this model…

All the pictures are from – its a mixture of different seasons, no chronological order.


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