Dear fuckfinger or call me Gyro Gearloose

Yeah, got it right – I’ve been cleaning.

Just read an interesting article about timemachines – supposedly they’re not as far from reality as we all walk around and think.. A physician claimed in the article that ‘all it takes’ to go back in time is a “wormhole” (a hypothetical feature of spacetime – basically like a tunnel with two ends each with seperate points in spacetime) and some negative energy (just imagine the cartoon from these two things combined!)

To be able to travel in future it has been proven by Einstein that time goes slower for a moving object, so theoretically if we would move fast enough through space, our watch would be slower and the time of aging would be postponed, so when we return we might have aged -lets say- a year, while all the others that stayed in ‘the present’ maybe aged 5 years. ( idea for an antiaging-campagne?) So by that we have fast-forward in relation to time. What are we waiting for?! Lets build the machine!

Wow what kind of a serious case of ‘geek’ just hit me there?! I’ve got to admit that it can be quite interesting to read about this stuff .. Hope I’m not the source to a headache now..?!

Back to reality –

your FuckFinger

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