Sneak sneaker

Really dig these sneakers. They’re made by the company ‘Shoe the bear‘ (what a website!) Here a little more details of these sneakers:

This seasons tribute style is made in respect and honour for our beloved Fiat Uno ʼ92, which took us around the country of Denmark about 10 times before finally giving in last year. The car was the size of a matchbox and the strongly faded red colour and always shining battery lamp gave it that bit of extra charm. A style you just canʼt resist. Faded Red thick 2-layered canvas, white printing of handbrake, battery and oil. Silver eyelets and red laces.

Inspired by old Mexican classic hats and work wear the Basket Work Sneak is made in woven light brown natural canvas. Silver eyelets, white stitching and white laces.

Quotations from the ‘shoe the bear’ webshop.


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