Last Train Home

I’m home now. That means I have taken a train home, like so many from this area. Its classic and it starts slowly as we approach the big holidays. In the beginning it is just one person indicating the intention to go home, then others follow, slowly one by one. Approximately one week before the holidays it becomes official and you cannot go on facebook without having to look at tons of status updates – that they finally made it home to that area, that they are on their way and about all the dates made in advance. “I’m coming! Are you? When? For how long will you stay? Time to meet?” – is the most common communication pattern. Its funny. And I am one of them.
Reminds me of a fantastic documentary I saw about a chinese family going home for New Years like millions of other chinese people. Once a year they take the long train ride home. Largest migration. Well, we are definitely not that large a group, yet it’s striking how much we are like them and at the same time we are not. I guess it’s nothing new.

But if it’s not, why is the Danish Railway system always surprised by the amount of people taking the last train home? Still a puzzle. Like the puzzle about what other women do for 20minutes on the toilet.

And 30minutes on a train toilet.


Source: A male friend’s bathroom.

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