Men’s watch: Black

After talking to a (male) friend the other day, discussing watches for men, I started a small ‘research’. The male gender is -in the world of fashion- not really ‘allowed’ to have as many accessories as women. Belt, scarf, glasses/sunglasses, hat, cufflinks, watch. (sometimes also rings, necklaces or bracelets – though not in my ideal world.. unless done well.) of course never worn all at once.. But this ‘limitation’ gives a great opportunity to spend more money on a fine accessory that gives a statement about ‘good taste’. Here is a variety of watches both classic, leather, military, vintage, simple etc; all in black, since my friend particularly was looking for that kind. I’m aware of the fact that being of the opposite gender I might not hit every mans dream of a watch, but this is just what I could imagine would be suitable for a man. Opinions are more than welcome.



Louis Bolle

U-boat watch (find more here.)

Rolex submariner (-Brothers favorite)

Swiss Military Watch



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2 responses to “Men’s watch: Black

  1. I love the Omega Seamaster. Classic alternative to the Submariner.

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