Try it!

If you haven’t found the perfect mascara yet, I can definitely recommend this one. It’s from Kanebo and its called 38C (C as in Celcius degrees).
I got it recommended from my dear mother-in-law who has tried God knows how many mascaras and who has always returned to this one. And after trying it I know why: It doesn’t smear all over your face, it stays where it’s supposed to stay until you wash your face with 38 degrees warm water. Perfect for someone like me who is too lazy for eye make up remover, but washes the face every day.. Also its makes some beautiful lashes – and everyone I’ve recommended it too was happy I did. So now it’s your turn!
Any other favorite Mascaras?



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3 responses to “Try it!

  1. Sia

    Loooove it aswell 🙂

  2. Anne

    My awesome Dior Diorshow is getting empty. I can definitely recommend the Dior but I might as well try the Kanebo next time just to see how it works! 😉

  3. Anne

    Love this mascara. Compared to the others I’ve tried, this one doesn’t smudge as much (I’ve had even more expensive ones smudge way more). A little bit of crumbling perhaps (but i guess that’s normal when you forget to take it off before you go to bed). But nothing serious like that nasty racoonlike smudge.
    I bought the strengthen and lengthen mascara and indeed it does make the lashes look so much longer.
    Best tip ever, Ampoule 🙂

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