Feeling sepia. (and -looking at post- a little narcissistic)

After being sick for a couple of days (foolish how you tend to forget the awfulness of throatpain, fever, headache and having a cold. and then when it hits it seems to never end. primitive brain I guess) I dragged my body out of the bed today cause I wanted to put an end to the misery – also I had to meet my grandparents for lunch. Now, full and happy, I’m ready to explore the world! Tonight there is a very exciting event in the independent cinema “Biffen” called “Experiment A” – read about it here. (or meet me there)

The pictures are from the past days. Got myself a mirror (didn’t have one, oddly) And the look of me in a lightbrown turtleneck with the straight hair seemed sort of fun/weird/different from what I usually wear – very 70’s. But the time spent in bed was healthy to clear the mind. Having time to think (after reading every article in every newspaper in the appartment and watching the absolute worst movies on the tv – all starring adam sandler. how can anyone pay him?? I’m sure I know a hamster acting better) Meanwhile European travelling system is all chaos caused by an angry vulcano. In the end nature will always be superior.. So for the end of this post I want to share a link. You can either just go by Wikipedia or maybe read this book…? If you are lazy here is a small movie (its all about synesthesia, think its pretty interesting)

cheerio !


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