This picture was taken some time ago and saved for an occasion like this. I have been working with a vj program for some time now and it is almost driving me crazy. So if I’m not that ‘blog present’ this is the reason. I hope to become more familiar with this bloody program though so I can concentrate on other things again soon (like living a life with more sleep and patience. and blogging.) Right now I’m just taking a little break.

The fuckfinger is dressed up in chanel particulière, a dragon claw ring and two vintage rings. Now that the word ‘vintage’ is written it leads me to show this blog -discovered as I typed that particular adjective in Apparently it has existed for a long time and is quite popular (so I’m probably running the risk of some viewers thoughts being “pff.. I’ve known that blog for a looong time! what else is new?” but still I think it deserves attention) check it out, it is pretty inspiring.

take care of all your useful fuckfingers out there!

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