At the moment – I’m broke. trying to live after the motto “security is not having money; it’s knowing you can do without it”… yeah … well that being said I couldn’t resist making a little loop into the local H&M.. and there it was hanging – this beautiful piece of fabric – very hidden yet screaming my name. skeptically I tried it on. it fit. looking at the price. 30 kr – “not bad..” I thought. and it turned out to be even better when discovering it was down from 199 kr…! yes the transparency does not leave much to the imagination, still this issue can be solved by simply wearing something underneath, right? –

don’t ask why I added a monkey and two little girls playing with a doll. probably resembling my current inner feelings. hmm… a monkey pretending to think and  a little girl correcting the placement of a dolls hat – thats me.

going to the sporfestival later today. its gonna be good.



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3 responses to “%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

  1. Tatjana


    …that is so beautiful!!! Is it from H&M trend? Is there a possibility to buy it for me and send it to germany? Will pay more for that!

    I am in love.

    • 1boussole

      Hey Tatjana,

      after reading your comment I went to H&M and spent at least 45 min. looking for the top.. unfortunately I couldn’t find it.. Tut mir so leid..
      otherwise I definitely would have sent it to you!

      Greetings from boussole

  2. Tatjana

    🙂 THANK YOU FOR LOOKING!! although you haven`t find it. Macht nichts!

    If you want to sell it some day: here I am:)

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