Tonight I am going to throw some much needed money downtown (well, Designerforum).

It’s Designerforum time! This is the secret of much of my expensive wardrobe, twice a year you can safe much money by spending money. FAB ;). And you avoid running from one sale to another, as all designers are gathered.
Of course it is crowded, which is why I bought a VIP ticket for tonight. It’s expensive, but you already saved the ticket when byuing one item. If you don’t have the money for the VIP ticket, you should still have a look saturday or sunday when there is only 65dkk entrance(but be prepared to stand in line for ages).

My little “get the most out of your designerforum”-guide:
– Your wardrobe is essential! Wear tights, flat shoes (easy to get off!).
– Wear either a body or a top, something easy to combine with the different items you are going to try on.
– Wear a cardigan but no sweater, it is going to be HOT!
– If you see something you know you want, buy it, don’t wait – it’s gone by the time you return.
– buy stuff with the largest margin (where you save the most), but focus on buying classics as most of the clothes sold are last season.
– Well I guess thats it.

Looking forward to it


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