Today’s: Monies & Wonhundred

Here are two more of my recent purchases (Designerforum): my Monies necklace and my Wonhundred shorts.

I always wanted a Monies necklace, because of their design and their “all natural ingredients”-principle. So when I found this necklace for “only” 500kr I knew I had to take it home with me.
Now I store it on the corner of my wardrobe door which is kind of a two-in-one/ win-win solution as I don’t know where else to store it and I am ‘fashion-inspired’ every morning when looking at my wardrobe.

And yes, the shorts. I have been hunting the perfect shorts for quite a while now and finally found what I was looking for. Black shorts, waist hight and without all these annoying plastic buttons everywhere (on H&M shorts).
Lucky me, there was one pair of shorts, in my size, which fits perfectly AND which are in the stores right now. I got mine for 300kr, others have to pay 699,- for it.



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5 responses to “Today’s: Monies & Wonhundred

  1. Now that is a necklace if I ever saw one. I think I would drown in it if I tried it 🙂

  2. What a beautiful necklace! I want one too… By the way a very inspiring blog – I’we just added it to my favorites on mine 😉

  3. lampoule

    Wow, thank you!! I love your blog too 🙂
    Go to the next Designerforum and one of these necklaces will be yours!

  4. Anne B.

    I love that look! It is sort of clean cut but not in a harsh way. The necklace has something understated yet dramatic about it. And your hairstyle – makes me wish I had big, brown, long curls.

    Luv it

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