Photo Series: Nørrebro Edition

This sunday I was biking around Nørrebro. I took a look at the Nørrebro edition of the Photofestival (in german you would say: buchstäblich in Wasser gefallen..), the graveyard also known as the secret top-less-girls-park, and Jægersborggade.

Kind of sums it all up:

(I was in high heels – kinda wet afterwards)

I’m amazed by these flowers and by this macro-lense.

I love these scultural trees..

At the graveyard. I like the shopping mall-coin-rent-a-toxic-watering-can installation at the grave yard.

These chairs remind me of a summer a long time ago. I played french-madame all day long, talking to myself in a french accent while preparing tea-parties for my imaginary friends..



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6 responses to “Photo Series: Nørrebro Edition

  1. Link doesnt work from Twitter (because of the “ø” I think…

  2. lampoule

    Thanks! Should work now 🙂

  3. No problem I love the pics.

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