Marie, Værnedamsvej & Cykel-considerations

Yesterday I had an afterwork glass of wine at Falernum’s on Værnedamsvej. On my way in I had to ask lovely Marie for a picture as I liked her outfit as such, simple with style, but in particular I loved her jacket (look at these arms), her necklaces and her fantastic sunglasses (the newest Chanel). When I came closer to take detail pictures I couldn’t help but notice that her nailpolish and lipstick matches, really cute detail I must say.

I guess I just outed myself as oldfashioned when it comes to styles and rules, but my (pocket-)philosophy is that you cannot be artistic in any discpline unless you know the rules and how to break them (of course there are a few exceptions).

What are your secret style rules?

PS: I love the bike, which might actually be one similiar to my mother-in-law’s? Actually I am considering converting to one of these.. You’re just so much faster and “old lady”-bikes are just getting so mainstream.. 😉

PPS: I love Falernum and I love their snacktallerken. Its really worth the money and perfect for sharing (75kr).


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