so.. what have I been doing?

The bloggin’ has been on hold for quite some time now – and it may continue like this until friday when I submit the final work and get some sort of ‘breathing’ time. My study programme has been working intensely on a project called ‘ArtVille’ (inspired by von Triers ‘Dogville’) with an exhibition last friday/saturday. We have created various rooms in groups: a bedroom, a living room, an assembly hall, an office, a public park, a bathroom, a church, a museum & a prison. All of them in an artistic interpretation through the use of different sensors, projectors, cameras & infrared lights. The result was satisfying and worth the effort. My group had chosen to create a prison with a main emphasis on the ‘perception of time’.
The time was represented by a visual on the wall – which was white sticks virtually drawn in a certain rythm accompanied by a ticking sound. The speed of time (the drawing of white marks with sound) could be influenced by movements within a clearly marked space, i.e. the prison. So when people were moving inside of it, the time would go slower and when standing still the time would go ‘normal’. Whenever the ‘inmate’ of the prison would approache the door, hence makes the attempt to flee, the sticks would start counting from the beginning and that way extending the punishment. If on the other hand the inmate did not attempt to flee and the time had elapsed, the time was served rightfully and the inmate was ‘released’.

Some of the other works. I had difficulties taking good pictures, the space was a completely darkened industrial hall.

A close -up from the museum creation


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