twotimesa streetstyle

It is about time to reveal the hidden treasures of the streetstyle in Aalborg (new mission in progress??)

Starting with this simple, classy, yet quirky outfit. It is a perfect balance between matching black-black/white-white crossed and most important: the amazing Paul Smith (!!!) bag ( that gave my skin a jade teint -therefore the followed close-up)

We exchanged blogsites, though I haven’t been able to locate her on the net (if you read this, please post a comment with the correct blogtag – I remember it was something as “give me that fucking walk-in closet“..?)

Update: thanks for the comment, Nina!


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One response to “twotimesa streetstyle

  1. Nina

    Hyggeligt lige at møde en med-blogger 🙂
    Adressen på min blog er:
    Jeres udstilling ser forresten spændende ud, hvis der kommer en til, må du meget gerne kontakte mig 🙂

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