Madrid Inspiration and Packing Routines

My mood-/ Madrid inspiration & Packing routines.

I’ve never been to Spain which means I have no expectations at all ( which is good: no expectations no disappointments).

But before I can unpack in Madrid I have to pack my suitcase here in Copenhagen. Even though I’ve been packing and traveling a lot, it always goes like this:

– I put anything I could imagine myself in on my bed

– I look at everything and put even more stuff on my bed

– I realize that there are not enough days/ occasions that could ever make me wear all my clothes and I start putting things back

– I start to put everything from my bed into my bag, but once again I have to realize that I cannot take both all my jewelry and 6 pairs of shoes with me, when I also want to take some shampoo and make up with me.

– so I take everything out again. Put 3 or 4 things back, 3 or 4 shoes back and fill my shampo into tiny bottles.

– time passes by and I realize that it also might be time to think about all the other things to take with me, like adapter, passport etc. So I sit down and write a blog post instead of getting stressed. There are a few more hours to go 😉



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